The Cheerful and Attractive Teenagers

I am not sticking to the pre-wedding photo shoots only. In photography, you are able to explore different types of genre. I love exploring various places and models. Of course, every photo shoot has its own story. This time, I will show you a lovely picture of teenagers in the summer. It is always fun to work in this season. I do not have to worry about the weather. I tried so many spots before deciding the photo shoot location. I thought it would be perfect to take some pictures in a court. It was a right decision. The models could explore and try different angles to get the best picture. It was easier to arrange the position when I had enough space.

Some Facts Behind this Picture

I love this picture. The models are very talented and cooperative. I found a perfect location. Moreover, I could try different positions without hassles. I could not ask for more. Oh, I forget to mention the clothes. Those clothes are just perfect for this photo shoot. The models look effortlessly cool. I was glad that they did not have to wear thick and heavy clothes. With such comfortable shirts and jeans, they are able to pose without any distractions. I love the simple clothes here. It did not take a long time for the models to get into the right vibe.

Next, I did not find any difficulties in this photo shoot. As I said before, the models are very smart and professional. I can say that their poses are worth to capture. I began the first session with standing poses. Definitely, they knew how to create nice pictures. For the next session, I tried something different. Standing poses were too mainstream for those talented models. Therefore, I asked them to sit. The pretty girl was sitting in the middle of the male models. I just asked them to relax and find comfortable positions. Of course, they laughed and thanked me for letting them sit.

For a while, the models did not use any properties. Well, it was great but something missing. I wanted to create the best cheerful image. Later, I gave them a basketball and a heavily used skateboard as their properties. As seen in the picture, the model used the properties well. It was easier to create the wanted image with the right properties! Even the female model added her own headset. I let her do that and I realized that the gadget completed her look. Near the end of the photo session, I asked them to have the same pose. The smiled and made the peace sign. Their cheerful and attractive pose were exactly what I wanted.

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