The Story of Two Girls

Through my lenses, I have seen so many great poses and amazing views. I know that I cannot be separated from photography. I love it very much. It is more than a job for me. I want to share the joy and happiness for people. That is why; I will never get bored with pictures with cheerful and merry smiles. This time, the main objects are these beautiful girls. I have nothing to complain about this photo shoot. It was fun to take some pictures with them. Those girls were very energetic and creative. They brought the positive impacts to the photo shoot location. I did not want to disappoint them. It was such a waste if I did not get the best shot.

The Girls and the Sun Glasses

I was excited when I had the chance to have an outdoor photo shoot. I could get the natural lighting, which gave different touch in the pictures. The main attraction on this project was the girls. Therefore, I did not choose a complicated background. The simpler the background was the better the pictures. I wanted to create a different perspective. Therefore, the wooden floor was my secret weapon. I wanted to explore a different style for this photo shoot. It was a little bit unusual for lying on the floor. However, I was relieved when the girls did not complain about it.

The girls were very pretty. They wore plaid shirts and black bottoms. Their casual styles were perfect for this summer photo shoot. What was better than comfortable clothes? Moreover, they also wore simple accessories. I wanted to create the friendly girls-next-door image for them. Luxurious items did not fit well with their plaid shirts. It was better that way. However, I wanted to create a twist with their looks. Therefore, I asked the girls to wear the black sunglasses. I loved the way the sunglasses cover the half of their pretty face. I got the laid back but mysterious girls in front of me.

Recently, I have done some projects with usual poses. Therefore, I wanted something different for the girls. I had the wooden floor and I had to maximize it. As mentioned above, I had the girls lying on the wooden floor. Then, I asked them to have natural poses. As if, they were gossiping and laughing about something funny. The girls were very good and it was not difficult to cooperate with them. It was a wrap when I got the synchronized movement. Both of them touched the sunglasses at the same time. What a coincident!

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