Say It with a Dance

  • Wednesday, June 01, 2016
  • By Mia Wright

I have taken countless pictures with mainstream poses. I could say that I am a little bit bored with sweet and calm poses. As a photographer, I want to challenge myself. It is necessary to explore so many different poses and styles. Otherwise, my photography skill will be the same. There would not be any progress. Therefore, I do not want to limit myself. I wanted to test my ability in taking shots. This time, I have a dancer as the main object of my photo shoot. There are many interesting aspects of this picture to share. I am pleased that I have a nice picture of the dancer.

Move and Shine

This photo shoot is unique. I do not have to arrange the angle or the position of the model. Usually, I give the examples to the model. In the other time, I ask the model to fit with the theme of the photo shoot. However, it did not happen in this photo session. The one that had to arrange the best position was I! Yes, I had to catch the movement of the dancer. Therefore, I used all my photography skills to create great pictures. In addition, I still had to think about the artistic side. I wanted to have an energetic picture without forgetting the artsy aspects.

I did not choose a dance studio as the main location. I wanted something unique and natural. In my opinion, dancing should be a free activity. This piece of art flows like the river. We can dance anywhere we want. This is the spirit of a modern society. There are no boundaries when it comes to art. This message should be delivered perfectly. Therefore, I choose an empty garage for the location. The stone wall and the grey floor gave the urban look. They were modest. However, they have the modern accents that I wanted to show in the picture.

This photo shoot was very fast. It was because I did not take part in the movement of the dancer. I let her do the dance moves. While the model was moving and dancing, I tried my best to find the best shots. Suddenly, I caught a ballet like movement. The dancer was like a swan emerged from the lake. Her movement was smooth but powerful. Her hands moved gracefully. Meanwhile, her body bent and made a curve. This pose showed the flexibility of her body. Furthermore, I love the facial expression of the dancer. She enjoyed dancing and she did not shy at all to show it to the world.

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