The Unique Vivid Blush

  • Tuesday, December 01, 2015
  • By Mia Wright

I was trying to capture the moments of modern people these days; how they would interact with one another and how they would do their daily activities. I had to do some modification and changes for the picture but I like the way the final result came out.

The Inclusion of Colors

For this photo alone, I include a lot of different colors. You can say that this is definitely a colorful picture. In some colors and areas, I enhance them so it would appear strong and brighter without compromising the natural sense. I also try to mix and match the colors; sometimes by introducing different contrast colors to make a statement. Different shapes and forms are also included so the final result will be rather odd but artistically appealing.

For instance, the half construction of the building construction with the industrial model and metal design looks odd and even out of the place with the rural background – but that’s how I expect the outcome will be. The all gray and silver building construction depicting a modern housing with its little elements looks totally odd when being paired up with the open field background. I wanted to make an impression of the modern housing construction located in the middle of nowhere in the rural area. The virgin green and yellow background with the open field construction and the striking blue sky is simply an amazing combination.

The Drama

Enough with the background and focus more on the setting of this photography. The couples are set to be the modern couples with edgy and eclectic taste. The woman has more color combinations than the man because it reflects different personalities and roles. She is a natural lover and she is into pets so much (at least, her dog is the center of her affection). She is vibrant and she is the queen of the house. With the vintage chair and her bare feet on the marble floor, she isn’t afraid to make a statement – or even control of the house.

The man, on the contrary, has a combination of rather an edgy style with a formal blazer and working shoes but he pairs them up with shorts and a bowler hat. He’s carrying a black rose, representing his flamboyant side but with a dark twist. He has a dark side in him that looks so contrast and yet appealing when matched up with the vibrant colorful aura of the woman.

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