Sleek Advertising Shoot

  • Monday, August 01, 2016
  • By Mia Wright

I did a test run today for an upcoming advertising shoot for Mainostoimisto Speciaali. “Hangout”, maybe this is the thing ups in your mind when looking at this photo. If your answer is yes, we have synchronized minds. Yet, my concept was not merely the same as it is. At first, intended to create a concept where ladies are waiting for friends. Then, I changed to just making two of them as the focus. Therefore, I used the smaller car with only two persons.

You may ask, “why didn’t you have more girls?” Yes, I actually once thought about that. When many girls come together it can look more interesting, that is cheerleader effect. However, many in films, stories, or images picture two women share a similar characteristic, and it is also interesting. Like many in Barbie films or teen films, two girls with different personality yet similar appearance are interesting. Hence, I thought to need such concept.

I decided to image one girl as the blonde and another as the brown hair, just like common concept. The brown one who has darker hair also has stronger appearance features. Meanwhile, the blonde has a softer image. Then, I tried to make the photo looks dramatic. This is my taste in photography. Fortunately, the blue color of the car is very nice to make a sleek image. I decided not to make the green background really dominant because the overall impression will be nice only with girls in the car.
At the end, the concept I tried to transfer is the classical beauty. Not only the beauty of the girls but overall look the girls in the car. The scheme of girl and the car is applied in a car dealer. The car looks more interesting with the girl. Of course in this photo, I did not make the car as the main focus, yet the car looks beautiful with the girls.

I synchronized the classic car with the look of girls. Hence, the hair dos were intentionally created so. The classic style can produce more dramatic nuance, in many things. Additionally, the girls saw the camera from behind. There is a reason behind this, I needed to show up the behind part of the car that is unique and classic. Instead of choosing the photo with the front angle, this photo from the back is better. I made the girls and car focus being sharper, so the color looks more stunning and contrasts from the background. Hence the main perception for the photo is the girls are going to a party.

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