Mother-Children Everlasting Bond

  • Friday, January 01, 2016
  • By Mia Wright

A mother’s love is everlasting. The relationship between a mother and her child is stronger than anything in this world. It is a sacred world that only the two of them share. Sure, you can say that a parents’ love is precious for their children. In reality, though, nothing can beat the love of a mother for her kids – not even the love of the father for his children.

Candid photography pictures of mothers and their children can be taken everywhere but there are rare occasions that you can find a picture that speaks louder than words. There are moments where a single shot can convey a strong meaning more than anything.

A Moment that Touches My Heart

I often take a walk around the city just to get a fresh air. But sometimes, I find great ideas and inspiration along the way. That’s why I always have my camera with me so I can take shots whenever a great scene comes along.

This picture may seem like a simple one but it touches my heart so deeply because of the strong bond the mother and her kid share together. Look at how firm their holding-hand grip. She holds his tiny hand and he holds her back in a trusting manner. They both look relaxed as they stroll up the road; their body languages speak the action that they are entrusting each other.

I also like the fact that they are comfortable with their style – and I must say that they look stylish too. It seems like a windy and cold day, and the fact that they are wearing comfortable and yet warm clothes just adds to the appeal. The mom is wearing stylish jeans (not the tight fitting type, but the comfy one) and the son is wearing the cargo. They both are wearing comfy outwear – the son with the yellow cute jacket and a scarf around his neck and the mom with her stylish coat. They are definitely having their own personal time together.

On the Background

Another mother-kid bonding can be viewed on the background. It is a coincidence where the mom-son bonding is the focus and the mom-daughter bonding is running in the background. You can see how comfortable and relaxed they are – having a stroll together, the daughter is probably telling a story while acting it out and the mom is listening while still holding her hands softly and yet firmly. It is a beautiful photography of moms and their kids together.

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