Capturing the Lovey Dovey Moments

  • Monday, February 01, 2016
  • By Mia Wright

Nothing can beat the sensation of falling in love. Finally, you can be with him. You are sure that he is the one. In short, you cannot live without him. It sounds cheesy, but it is the truth. You just want to share this moment with the others. It is such a waste to keep them all to yourself. Do not you want to take the pre-wedding photo shoot? It does not mean that you have to do an extravagant theme. Everything is possible as long as you love it. Here, I have a picture that can be your inspiration. Who says that a pre-wedding photo shoot should be over the top and glamour? There are no boundaries in photography. This is the art of capturing the best moments. I will make you fabulous.

Simple but Meaningful Pictures

I know that every client has their own imagination and taste. Of course, you do not have to force yourself to follow the trends. Choose the theme, the location, and wardrobe of your pre-wedding based on your interest. If you do not like all the gowns and bling jewelry, then you do not have to wear them. It is totally fine to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. Look at the lovely couple in this picture. They were a very modest couple. They do not want to be someone else. Therefore, I suggested them to wear their favorite summer clothes for the pre-wedding photo shoot. They loved the idea. They wanted to be ‘the boy and the girl next door’. They did not want to wear the formal suits and dress. Therefore, they were happy because they can wear the shirt and summer dress for the photo shoot. Even the lovely girl wore the cowboy hat! What was more casual than that?

To be honest, it did not take a long time to build the mood. You might think that everything is complicated in photography. How about creating a lovely picture as this one? Was it difficult? Well, I can say that this couple was cooperative. I had no problem with them. They have strong chemistry. You can feel love is in the air. As seen in this picture, they have the brightest smile ever. I did not have to tell them what to do. Everything happened without any scenarios. I brought some properties for this photo shoot. It starts with a picnic bag to a huge mattress. However, those properties were forgotten.

When the couple took a break and played with a bicycle – which I did not know the owner – I knew that that was the right moment to take some pictures. That was the ‘It’ moment. They were having fun and playing with the bicycle. I could capture the lovey dovey moments without any hassles. Everything went smooth. The background was terrific. The couple was smiling and had great poses. I had enough natural lighting. Thank God the sun shone brightly. And voila! This is it. I call it as a simple but meaningful pre-wedding picture.

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