Autumn Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

  • Tuesday, March 01, 2016
  • By Mia Wright

It is never easy to deal with autumn. Of course, I love the color of fallen leaves in this season. In addition, I can get the romantic atmosphere without hassles in autumn. Everything is in the right vibe. In the other hands, the weather and the temperature are very challenging. It means I have to be well prepared and put more effort in taking and creating great pictures. Either loves it or hate it, this is the art of photography. I cannot blame the season, right? This time, I will share the story behind this picture. This is one of the most memorable pictures from the autumn pre-wedding photo shoot.

Behind the Lenses

As I said before, taking pictures in autumn is quite challenging. The gloomy weather is my biggest obstacle. I have to race with the sun. I cannot postpone the photo shoot because I do not want to disappoint my clients. Therefore, I try to do the photo shoot in the morning or in the afternoon. This is for the sake of lighting. This lovely couple chose the afternoon for their pre-wedding photo shoot. Thankfully, I got a perfect timing. I took some great pictures before the sunset. I wanted to take some pictures of this romantic couple before everything went dark.

Look at this beautiful picture. I think this couple can deliver the message without difficulties. They are in love and they are ready to be united as a husband and a wife. I did not focus on the place. I just let the background as the way they were. I focused on the couple. They were very cooperative. When I asked them to do the romantic gestures, they just laughed. They said, ‘It is easy’. I knew that I would get some nice catches. The man embraced his fiancée lovingly. Meanwhile, the girl showed a great angle and closed her eyes. I could not let this moment slipped from my lenses. In less than one seconds I caught the best photography moment in this photo shoot.

I enjoyed this photo shoot. The combination of the smooth light, the perfect location, and the cooperative client were enough for me. This couple did not want to wear glamorous clothes. They wanted to have a natural pre-wedding. Therefore, they wore the proper clothes for an outdoor photo shoot. I am proud with the result. This picture is worth showing for their children and their grandchildren. Their expression was pure and loving. From this picture, you are able to see that they love each other.

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