The Simplicity of the Outdoor Beauty

  • Sunday, November 01, 2015
  • By Mia Wright

The beauty of nature has never stopped to impress me. I always find it hard to believe that we are surrounded by such appealing and natural beauty – and yet we tend to take it for granted. Unfortunately, a lot of people are constrained to the indoor and not really want to take themselves outside. If only you had allowed yourself to enjoy more good time outdoor, you will be marveled at the natural shades, colors, and little elements of life intertwined themselves around you.

The Idea

When I took the picture, I simply imagined that it would be just a regular outdoor photography with the hiking activity as the basic focus. However, as I strolled around in a leisurely way, I found out more beauty and life around me. The way the leaves rustle, the vivid colors of the trees, and even the rays of sunlight appeal me in the way that I have never thought I would be captivated. During the walk, I realize that if you would only look closely, you will find such an enthralling and natural beauty that you may miss out. Let’s be honest, how many times in a day you step outside the door and marvel at the beauty around you? I believe not too often, right?

The Top Hiking

So, when I decided that I wanted to make an impressive shot of the day, I didn’t realize that it would be really easy. My camera was busy during the journey to the top but it was really busy when we reached the top. It didn’t stop taking pictures and shots because I was mesmerized by the natural view and the beautiful sceneries.

But then I took this shot and it simply blew my mind away. Everything seemed to be extremely perfect. The man is on the edge of the cliff with the perfect background of the sky. He was looking through his binoculars as if seeing the future and awaiting of the great things to come. I was more impressed by the play and combination of the natural colors. The green grass with some dry twigs, the gray strong stone, the mix of the white clouds, the peek of the blue sky, and the divine rays of the sunlight….everything seemed to create a great balance. The picture is like saying, “This is the world in a reality. These are the real colors of nature.”

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